Aug 08, 2018

Tips for Keeping Fido Cool When Staying at Pet-Friendly Hotels in Regina

Keep your four-legged friend cool when booking pet-friendly hotels in Regina this summer.

Keep your four-legged friend cool when booking pet-friendly hotels in Regina this summer.

As summer temperatures continue to rise in Saskatchewan, it’s important to keep your pets cool. Heat exhaustion in pets can lead to potentially serious and fatal conditions such as heat stroke and cardiac arrest. If travelling with your pet and staying at pet-friendly hotels in Regina don’t leave your pooch in your car even for a minute and follow these tips for keeping Fido cool:


Look for A/C

When looking for Regina pet-friendly hotels ask if the room or suite has controllable air-conditioned units. This is especially important if you find yourself having to leave your pet alone in his room for a while. Read the hotel’s pet policy to find out what is required for pets to stay in a room alone, and make sure to draw the blinds and keep the A/C and fan on at a comfortable level while you are out.

Seek Shade

It’s important for pets to get their daily exercise. You and your pooch can still go for your daily walk when the temperature rises above 25 degrees Celsius. Instead of walking on open sidewalks where hot asphalt can burn their paws, seek a dog-friendly park with trees for shade and grass for them to run on.

Some dog-friendly parks in Regina include:


Stay Cool

If you decide to go on a long hike or walk with your dog, it’s advisable to not only bring lots of drinking water but go at the time of day where temperatures will be lower, either early morning or later in the evening.  

You can also invest in a cooling collar or vest, which is immersed in cold water before being put on your pet. It helps to pull the excess heat away from your dog’s bloodstream and distributes the coolness evenly throughout the body.


Wade and Wag

While you should always carry extra drinking water with you when travelling with your pet, it also doesn’t hurt to seek out places where your dog can fully immerse itself. Regina has a number of dog-friendly swimming areas including along Wascana Creek (watch for strong currents and log jams) and north of the city at Last Mountain Lake.

The city also offers a dog swim at the outdoor Regent Pool, where dogs are allowed to swim to the heart’s content. The next one takes place Sept. 3. All dogs must be accompanied by an adult owner, be well socialized, vaccinated and have a current City of Regina pet license.

Pick a Patio

A perfect place for your pet to cool off while you enjoy a coffee, meal or other refreshments, dog-friendly patios with water stations are becoming more common around Regina. Some establishments with dog-friendly patios include:


For more information on pet-friendly pursuits in Regina, read Things to Do with Your Pooch from Regina Hotels.

When looking to book Regina hotel rooms that are pet-friendly, look no further than the Comfort Suites. Our pet-friendly Regina hotel features a large field behind our property for dogs to roam and play and we will be happy to direct you to local dog parks. To make your fur buddy feel welcome, we even provide a treat bag for them upon arrival.